Jennifer Bradley LPC

Jennifer has over twenty years of experience as a therapist and has been licensed in Alabama since 2003. Jennifer provides individual therapy to children, youth, and adults. She has worked most often with women and youth. Over her career as a therapist she has had the privilege of working in the fields of adoption counseling, college counseling, school counseling, residential youth care, and in grief therapy, among others. She has experience in a variety of therapeutic settings including educational settings both college and high school, private practice, and residential youth facilities.

Jennifer is an authentic and open therapist who has experienced her own struggles and uses these experiences to provide great empathy with clients. Jennifer’s goal with all clients is to promote growth and increased quality of life. In therapy, Jennifer is a proponent of strategies for improving coping skills and getting “unstuck”. Using insight and compassion, Jennifer has the ability to understand quickly, and provide therapeutic interventions that specifically target a person's need.


Jennifer's philosophy is that she believes strongly in a client’s ability to heal and grow form any trauma. She is especially equipped in assisting clients in moving from hopelessness to hopefulness and increasing resilience. She considers it a privilege to be a part of such a powerful process.

Many of her clients describe her as warm, genuine, and highly empathetic. Jennifer believes that authenticity and connection with the client have made her a successful therapist. Personally, she has always helped people and describes how she operated her first “non-profit private practice” in the sixth grade. At recess her classmates would line up as provided advice, much like ‘Lucy” from the Peanuts comic. Jennifer loves her children, her pets, and her Alma Mater, The University of Montevallo.