Insurance EAP, Private Pay

Most of our counselors are in network with many Health Insurance Companies and Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, American Behavioral, Cigna, Tricare, Military One, Magellan, BHS, New Directions & Beacon. Please verify prior, to your appointment, that your counselor is in network with your insurance or EAP, you can also call us.

Please call our office and we can look at your coverage or quote you a private pay rate 205-538-3099

(We no longer submit claims to Aetna, we are happy to get you the information you will need to self-file, as out-of network)


​Insurance coverage/policies can vary widely. So please check with your insurance carrier to confirm coverage prior to your first appointment. Some plans require prior authorization and/or a referral.

We also offer Private Pay rates and Discounted Packages with the purchase 4, 6, or 8 sessions.